My Date!

A couple of people asked me about this date I went on. I'm really at odds about it, to be honest. Lets play it out so you guys know what happened!

I picked her up from her place and we sat in the car for a few mins. There was awkward silence and the tension was thick in the little space we occupied! I had plans on where to go, but I gave her the option on what she wanted to do. She didn't seem to be very decisive so I made her mind up for her!

We took a drive down to the port. She, being a little confused, was hesitant on getting out of my car. I extended my hand to help her out and closed the door and we walked talking about what happened in church on the previous Sunday. Ending the topic of conversation, she asks where we're off to. I respond, avoiding to answer, but giving the answer, "you'll know when we get there!"

We walk a bit further and we arrive at a small cruise liner. I've planned a luncheon banquet that had an all you can eat buffet, a live band and free wine. [I got my sip in and repented later!] She was shocked to the point of almost tearing! Are women this emotional all of the time? GOODNESS! We talked and ate and talked some more, just about anything that came to mind. It was a nice time.

The cruise ended about 3 hours later. I drove her back home. She invited me in. I started to enter and I thought about one thing my pastor said, "A good date is one where you can say good night!" I grabbed her hand and pulled her close and kindly declined to enter. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went my way back to the car. She stood flabbergasted in the doorway! I waved and departed.

That was my date!


Dusty Boot said...

wow..... I'm guessing she had a good time then. Have y'all talked since?

Raw Thoughts said...

Yes we've spoken. That will be another post... lol

Corey Keith said...

Sounds like a wonderful date. I have always felt that if I did for a woman the things I do for a man, I would have no problems. The boat ride is something I would do in a heartbeat for someone I am courting. She was so enamored she wanted to give you some wet wet...

And now, my question is do you find women sexually attractive? Could you have sex with a woman?

toddyenglish said...

I'm sorta conflicted about reading this blog, as I've been where you've been (trying to become straight).
But, I am morbidly curious however...LOL.
Good luck in your endeavor!

Crazy Diamond said...

Congratulations on a very cute date! It sounds like, despite your anxieties, you really performed well when it was time to share yourself with someone.

I just came across your blog, and I struggled with whether to leave a comment. My heart aches for the conflict you are enduring, and I really hope you find peace soon, whether it's with a man, woman, or by yourself.

If you believe that being with a woman will erase the pain you're in, eliminate the fears that you have, and make you better in the eyes of God, I truly hope you find such a woman. But as a gay man, I just wanted to share with you that I believe God already sees the best in you, and there is nothing Demonic about love. I don't want to lobby you about which way your heart should follow. I just want to let you know that happiness and inner peace are available no matter which route you take. Much Love.

WhozHe said...

I wish someone would do that for me, that was so sweet.

Anonymous said...

I suggest u go check out where u can read & find out that homosexuality was not the crime in the BIBLE but the act of IDOLATRY, men having sex with men to worship a false god.

Raw Thoughts said...

at that last anonymous comment. There was instance of that being mentioned. There are many other references to men laying with other men to be an abomination in the sight of God and it being a sin! Read up on ya bible!

toddyenglish said...

Actually, you've missinterpreted that scripture. That scripture was written at a time when the Jewish people were on the verge of dying out. Male ejaculatory fluid was seen as a prized commodity because it ensured the survival of the jews.
So, homosexuality did not fit into that dichotomy. Therefore, they didn't want to even discuss. That had nothing to do with a God...moreso to do with a man.

Furthermore, the Bible also states that: wearing mixed fabrics is a sin; bunny rabbits are sinful, and eating seafood (amongst other things).

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