Today is the Day!

I will be going on that date today. I am a little nervous about the whole ordeal. We haven't spoken since that day we spoke at church. I guess thats good right? that enables more to be talked about on the date! Said with the assumption that I would not be clamming up into an unsociable mut!

Okay I have that school-boy nervousness! The kind that occurs right before a test that you're unsure about! I don't like this feeling!

Why does this feel like this is the only date I will ever have? Why do I feel like I am banking the rest of my life on this date? Is there alot riding on this date? I am making myself more nervous just talking on the inept possibility! I just cannot take it!

More to come!


Thoughts said...

So how was the date?

Corey Keith said...

thoughts, I know.. right... what happened?

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