Let me be real!

This might be one of my raw thoughts. Hold on to your seats!

I was sitting at my desk earlier in one of those day dreams. I wandered into this space that seemed to have a bed with two adults, myself and this slender woman. We were looking at each other and nothing was happening and then I came back to reality!

I thought, I'm on this mission to find this woman that is supposed to make everything better (don't take that group of words too literal), but I am not sure if I would know what to do with one! Lets break this down just a bit further...

You know how you could be used to one thing but when you switch brands or types you don't quite know how to use the newer, updated or changed item? I've been used to freakin wit guys and figuring out how guys function. I've learned how to suck a dick, I've learned how to deep throat. I've learned how to please a man sexually. I've learned what it takes to keep a relationship going with a man. I've learned how to end one. All of my experiences revolve around men! I know what spots to hit with a man when I'm digging him out! I know how to wiggle and grip my ass around his dick to rob him of his man juices. I know how to ride that dick to blind him with my juices. There is going to be a change of scenery!

Not only will I have to learn how to please a woman. I will have to find a way to let her please me. I don't do strap-ons, its not a dick, I'm sorry! I don't have a clue on what to do to a woman's body to make her pussy drip. Will I like it when it drips? When ass drips, that's not a good thing unless its my juices that's dripping from it! They have titties, that are nice to look at and feel, but what do you do with them from a woman's perspective to make them feel good?

I'm scared to try anything with any woman. I don't wanna mess up! Should I wait till I marry one? Should I marry one without having these questions answered? Should I fornicate and have sex with her before we get married? That's breaking some rules!

This has really got me just a little at wits end thinking about it!


Crazy Diamond said...

Wow! I have never felt more comfortable giving advice than when I say: You most certainly should not wait until you are married to have sex with a woman, and you most certainly should not marry a woman until those questions are resolved.

I think that fear of being able to perform and satisfy a woman may be more common than you think. But it is clear that you enjoy being with men enough to at least explore sexuality with them and learn what it takes to satisfy them.

There is nothing wrong with that, that is where your life has taken you. Maybe that's what is supposed to be natural to you. Maybe God made you to love men. Or maybe you're wiser than your natural feelings, and you'll keep working to teach God what kind of man He should have made you.

If Only You Knew said...

Perhaps find a woman that's willing to teach you a few things? I know that's easier said than done.... it's the first thing that popped into my mind. OK I'll shut up now. :)

Raw Thoughts said...

that last paragraph, I totally disagree with!

The thing is the bible teaches us that sex is something sacred to marriage. I never once saw a guideline to gay sex in the bible! But I do believe in doing things the right way with the ladies! For once, I want to do something the right way!

Darian said...

This has to be the saddest thing I've read all day.

toddyenglish said...

Hey, do you wanna go on a date sometimes? LMAO J/K!

Seriously, boo, I know that you are trying to convert to heterosexuality. However, this is an issue that you need to work with from within...

Don't drag some unsuspecting soul, male or female, into your confusion. That will just make a messy situation even messier.

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