I wanted a church girl!

Today, I ran into this girl. She was one of those round the way nice ghetto girls. You could tell she had it in her to act up but she was keeping it calm cool and collected! She had dreads that was freshly done. She was skinny, like near half my size! I'm about a 34 waist on a bad day! So she was bony and looking good! She was beautiful! I was intimidated!

I've never approached a girl outside of church. Being in the church, at least you know they are aware of their morals, even if they don't display them on a regular basis. You know how church people can be, especially the PK's! I didn't really know how to start off anything with her! I said hello, but couldn't redirect anything past general conversation. I'm such a punk! lol

How do you talk to people? How do you recognize flirting? How do you effectively flirt with women? Never really done this. What do women typically wish to see or get from a man who is flirting? I did notice no wedding ring but she said she mentioned she can't stay married for more than two years. Hmmm I don't know how to feel about that!

Can someone shed some insight on this?


Chet said...

Get your flirt on by simply being you with just a touch of your favorite male actor; speak to the lady and display manners in the beginning (first impression don't go away).

Check her out before you do anything find out something about her and go from there. Enjoy flirting is a great art and a great feeling when someone if flirting with you.

Raw Thoughts said...

great, focus on flirting... I hope she isn't fast, she's an urban girl lol...

If Only You Knew said...

Wow OK I'm useless in this department. But best of luck tho. And like Chet said, find out a lil something about her. That "no more than 2 years marriage" might worth a lil' investigating. Just my 2 cents.

fuzzy said...

I'm real late with this post... ummm Too bad I can't be much help to you!

Maybe try being yourself and maybe that will grab her? might scare her away too... idk man!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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