Let's Get It Out There

Since I am pretty messed up, and I want to change, I need to know what I need to change. What am I doing wrong that needs to change? That's the purpose of this post!

  1. I'm gay! (shocker?)
  2. I cuss like a sailor! I have been very adamant about not cussing on here!
  3. I love sex! Sex outside of marriage is a sin, so I need to change that!
  4. I judge people! I think the gay community calls it "reading people"! :-/
  5. I have this drinking habit. Its not out of control, but I have to present my body a living sacrifice! Can't be all cloudy and tipsy for God!
  6. I am having urges to smoke! That's a habit I don't want to have. Need to drop that urge!
  7. Devotion has been a weak point of mine. I give God part of me, part-time! (need I say more?)
  8. I have this partying spirit. Its fun loving and it is going to be a hard spirit to part with.
I have mentioned the bulk of my troubles and reoccurring sins. Now all that is left to do is to overcome them one by one1 whether it be a healing, deliverance, or an uplift!

Please pray for me and for my strength in the Lord!


Anonymous said...

On number 6: Were you a smoker before? If not, don't start. lol. Been there done that, it's one of the hardest habit to give up.
And dont' worry about cussing. fuck it. You gotta express yourself. lol. I'm a sailor and I cuss like a sailor. lmao.

Anonymous said...

Just spreading the word of a good blog I came across! Take a visit to Mornin Manna! I hope you will enjoy it as well as I did!

Nario said...

Well all those things seem normal to me (Just kidding) Well those are some things you really have to want to change for the better, with some time and patience I am sure you will get there. Holla

One Man’s Opinion said...

1). I’m shocked!
2). It is okay to cuss in the blog world. It is cussing out loud you should be ashamed of. LOL
3). This one will be the hardest one to over come. Trust me, I know. The need for human touch is strong in us as sexual beings. It is hard to resist the temptation of a sexual release with flesh on flesh contact. I wish you the best of luck on this one.
4). Reading people and judging people are not the same thing, my friend. Although both are wrong. Reading people is telling them about themselves, loud and rudely. Judging them is just that, passing judgment on people, but not verbalizing it to them. If you are verbalizing it to them then yes, you are reading them.
5). I’m loving you for this one. I just got to experience my friend’s drinking problem first hand and it was not pretty. I applaud you for acknowledging this before it gets out of hand.
6). Nobody likes to kiss an ashtray, but you are not kissing people anymore, I am assuming.
7). I kind of feel you on this one. I like to think I give God all of me, but if I am being honest with myself the reality is that I am only giving him a portion and just acknowledge the fact that the rest belongs to him as well.
8). I can only imagine. Being an introvert I wouldn’t begin to know what to say about this one. I know that some people never grow out of the party spirit and that’s pretty sad.

I wish you the best of luck, my brother. Sounds like you got God on your side, so what more could you need. Now you just have to listen to him more than you do to the flesh. Now that, my friend, is the hard part. Good luck and keep me up to date. I sometimes get behind on my blog readings.

Corey Keith said...

Hey! Read my second to last post and tell me some good gospel songs to keep my spirits high. I look forward to being in touch, man...

Promiscuous X said...

Oh I like you already lol . Im a big fan. Look forward to the next post man. We both need to owrk on our inner demons... but for now we can still cus , smoke, etc etc lol

E. Terrell said...

I didn't really find any of the things on your list to be that problematic... I guess it's really about taking time and creating discipline if these are things that you think you need/should change...

Chet said...

It is certainly possible to change, but you must want it first. If you are tired of being tired then you will let go of all that disturbs you.

Your list seems to be mild and you should thank the heavens above for that because it could be worst however; before you acquire any other bad habits work on removing some of the ones you currently hold.

Anonymous said...

This blog is so interesting! I like how you are just being about your's...
Hell, we all have our own issures! lol.
I just think you trying to change the whole gay thing will be impossible...LOL. But I am looking forward to reading more!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just bumped into this blog. and i like. I having been in this path and am afraid i keep cycling. Dealing with issues and get back on track with God and bad habits. Then i don't know what happens. I end up get there again, craving for all the wrong things and wanting a man so badly. I think this is beyond a demon... am starting to think there is no hope. How have you been fairing?

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