Let's Get It Out There

Since I am pretty messed up, and I want to change, I need to know what I need to change. What am I doing wrong that needs to change? That's the purpose of this post!

  1. I'm gay! (shocker?)
  2. I cuss like a sailor! I have been very adamant about not cussing on here!
  3. I love sex! Sex outside of marriage is a sin, so I need to change that!
  4. I judge people! I think the gay community calls it "reading people"! :-/
  5. I have this drinking habit. Its not out of control, but I have to present my body a living sacrifice! Can't be all cloudy and tipsy for God!
  6. I am having urges to smoke! That's a habit I don't want to have. Need to drop that urge!
  7. Devotion has been a weak point of mine. I give God part of me, part-time! (need I say more?)
  8. I have this partying spirit. Its fun loving and it is going to be a hard spirit to part with.
I have mentioned the bulk of my troubles and reoccurring sins. Now all that is left to do is to overcome them one by one1 whether it be a healing, deliverance, or an uplift!

Please pray for me and for my strength in the Lord!

My short introduction!

This blog will be about me and my battle to break free from this gay demon! I never thought it would be this much trouble and an effort to try to break free but the battle has been rough. There have been complications along the way. I believe I will make it.

Its my journey as it happens. no fallacies or fiction, just the pure truth! Maybe I will get my Donnie McKlurkin Story yet!

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