I wanted a church girl!

Today, I ran into this girl. She was one of those round the way nice ghetto girls. You could tell she had it in her to act up but she was keeping it calm cool and collected! She had dreads that was freshly done. She was skinny, like near half my size! I'm about a 34 waist on a bad day! So she was bony and looking good! She was beautiful! I was intimidated!

I've never approached a girl outside of church. Being in the church, at least you know they are aware of their morals, even if they don't display them on a regular basis. You know how church people can be, especially the PK's! I didn't really know how to start off anything with her! I said hello, but couldn't redirect anything past general conversation. I'm such a punk! lol

How do you talk to people? How do you recognize flirting? How do you effectively flirt with women? Never really done this. What do women typically wish to see or get from a man who is flirting? I did notice no wedding ring but she said she mentioned she can't stay married for more than two years. Hmmm I don't know how to feel about that!

Can someone shed some insight on this?

I can't believe this!

This woman, or girl or whatever you wish to call her, let me tell you about HER! I can't take it! This is why so many ::breathes:: freakin women are single! I gotta give out the story because this one left me heated and scratching my head and confused at the same time!

I went out on a double date with a friend of mine from back in the day. We just caught a movie and dinner afterwards. We weren't hungry beforehand! So, at dinner, the subject of kids came up. The other couple were engaged and expecting twins in about 3 months, I believe. I noticed a pig shaped snout when the subject arose from my date. I ask her what she felt about having kids. She strongly disagreed! I asked even if she was married? She sternly dismissed any remote possibility of conceiving. Stab one!

I am at that checkpoint in my life where if things are not aligning with my personal goals and long-term goals, I dismiss them. If things are not going to fit, why keep things around if they will hinder or not conform to your dreams and aspirations?

I thought to myself well I don't really need kids, and she may turn her way of thinking in the future. I asked about how she felt about marriage. Knowing a lil about her family, she is no poor girl! I brought up the idea of a prenup. I am all for one protecting what they have, don't get me wrong! Just not in any marriage of mine. I will not have any kind of prenup restricting the limits of my marriage. That is entering with a fail safe plan! I'm entering with a success plan! The appetizer hadn't yet come out yet and I was over this date.

I dropped her off home and she could tell I was bothered and upset. No invite in this time, or none that I paid attention to! I drove home and sat and then my phone rang. It was her. She asked what was bothering me and I told her all what was on my mind. She was steadfast and unmovable in her views and I was not going to sacrifice. I bid her goodnight and I left no indication that there would be a 3rd date.

Was it me that missed out or was it her? Was it me that limited myself or was it her that shortchanged herself? Why is it women want a good man that has their things together and they are not willing to do what it takes to keep him. Why is it there are so many women in the world and there are so many problems that men come across when trying to find one? I really can't understand!

Let me be real!

This might be one of my raw thoughts. Hold on to your seats!

I was sitting at my desk earlier in one of those day dreams. I wandered into this space that seemed to have a bed with two adults, myself and this slender woman. We were looking at each other and nothing was happening and then I came back to reality!

I thought, I'm on this mission to find this woman that is supposed to make everything better (don't take that group of words too literal), but I am not sure if I would know what to do with one! Lets break this down just a bit further...

You know how you could be used to one thing but when you switch brands or types you don't quite know how to use the newer, updated or changed item? I've been used to freakin wit guys and figuring out how guys function. I've learned how to suck a dick, I've learned how to deep throat. I've learned how to please a man sexually. I've learned what it takes to keep a relationship going with a man. I've learned how to end one. All of my experiences revolve around men! I know what spots to hit with a man when I'm digging him out! I know how to wiggle and grip my ass around his dick to rob him of his man juices. I know how to ride that dick to blind him with my juices. There is going to be a change of scenery!

Not only will I have to learn how to please a woman. I will have to find a way to let her please me. I don't do strap-ons, its not a dick, I'm sorry! I don't have a clue on what to do to a woman's body to make her pussy drip. Will I like it when it drips? When ass drips, that's not a good thing unless its my juices that's dripping from it! They have titties, that are nice to look at and feel, but what do you do with them from a woman's perspective to make them feel good?

I'm scared to try anything with any woman. I don't wanna mess up! Should I wait till I marry one? Should I marry one without having these questions answered? Should I fornicate and have sex with her before we get married? That's breaking some rules!

This has really got me just a little at wits end thinking about it!

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